Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD

Course Founder & Author

Dr. Evelyne Bischof, MD, PhD

Course Founder & Author

Her Excellency, Dr.Maryam Matar

Course Co-Founder and National Chapter Leader for Middle East and MENA

Dalila Čamdžić,

Course Manager

Dr. Morten Scheibye-Knudsen

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Prof. Alexey Moskalev

Course Author

Christine Huang, MD

Chinese Course Co-Author

Miao Zheng

Chinese Course Coordinator

Phoebe Zhang

Chinese Course Coordinator

Dominika Wilczok

Course Co-Coordinator

Amit Goldman, EMBA

Volunteer, Seasonal Talks Editor

Ricardo Gaminha Pacheco, MD

Volunteer, Portuguese Course Translation

Dr.Bhirau Wilaksono, MD

Volunteer, Indonesian Course Translation

Yoko Masuda, MD

Volunteer, Japanese Course Translation

Carolina Hernandez, Bch

Volunteer, Spanish Course Translation

Andrei Gheorghe, MD-Candidate

Volunteer, Scientific paper writing

Melisa Alexandre Fernandes, MD

Volunteer, Content creator

Dr. Christian Ubilla

Volunteer, Spanish Course Translation

Dr. Fernando Santana

Volunteer, Spanish Course Translation


Kirill Krapivkin, MD Candidate


Julia Guimaraes, MD Candidate


Michelle Keller

Marketing Coordinator

Nader Benmessaoud, Engineer

Volunteer, AI sector